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The 2 Zoom alternatives that I use personally

Due to COVID-19 everybody is stuck at home doing video calls. So am I. And there are a lot of possibilities, most notably Zoom. That is a problem. Not only does this puts Zoom in a powerful position, it creates a security risk as well, because Zoom has not the best in class privacy practises.

All a bit too concerning to trust them over other companies. That’s way I present you two alternatives.


Whereby is tool developed by the Norwegian company Video Communication Services AS. I use them for one to one meetings, both for business as with family and friends.

Jitsi Meet

For groups I prefer Jitsi Meet however. This is an open source software, so you can run it yourself, if you want to. This also means there are multiple instances. The most popular is the official instance, provided by American telecom company 8x8. If you are concerned about privacy or just want to use a European instance, because all participants are based in Europe, I recommend the instance provided by Infomaniak.

If you have any questions, just ask. I will happily answer them.