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3 Powerful Business Analytics Alternatives for 2020

For about a decade, Google Analytics has been the go-to for analytic information, but it is most certainly not the only one. Depending on what you need, Google Analytics may not be the best option. If you are looking for an alternative for business analytics, consider the following options:


If you are looking for an analytics tool that provides simple tracking and will not slow down your site, Clicky might be the best option for you. Clicky allows you choose the data you wish to track and is GDPR compliant.

Unlike others, Clicky lets you actually view the user’s mouse activity. Such insight shows you how different users might interact with your site, areas they may avoid, areas they are most attracted to, and more.

Clicky is both simple and in-depth, giving the user the power they need to tweak and personalize their content and website.


While Google Analytics focuses on tracking page views, Kissmetrics is more concerned with the people behind those page views and their behavior. It allows you to search for people that have similar characteristics and even send out email campaigns to specific people.

As it integrates with third party email tools, such as Mailchimp, and sales tools, it provides a much simpler way to convert leads. Kissmetrics is a great analytics tool that allows the user to dig deeper than the surface information and choose what data matters the most to them.


Indiemetrics, previously known as Arnold Analytics, is a software that makes simplicity, ethics, and user experience the top priorities. This powerful analytics software gives you insights as to where your traffic is coming from, the type of content they are most attracted to, and more, allowing you to adapt the user experience for optimal performance.

While Indiemetrics provides you with this invaluable information, it does so without violating your visitors’ privacy and is completely GDPR compliant. Additionally, it compiles this data in a more compact and simplistic view than Google, making it easy for you to gather the insights you need.

Google Analytics may be the most popular business analytics tool, but as you can see, there are several other options. Test a couple out to find the one that has the characteristics you need and desire.